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About Us

The Topp Life

The “Topp” life is a principal we developed Topp Essentials around. The Topp life is the belief that an active lifestyle doesnt have to be put on pause when you step into the office and that the secret to living a happier and healthier life starts with small changes made to you everyday life. Constructed and designed for the modern work environments of open floor plans, glass walls and standing desks. Simplicity and elegance are have crafted the products of Topp Essentials, making this a premium brand for office ergonomics

The Topp Team

The Topp Essentials team was founded by Eli Libby, an extreme sports enthusiast and entrepreneur who had found prior success in developing one of the fastest growing camping and hiking brands on the internet. Eli found himself working from a desk a lot - something that did not jive with his ideal lifestyle and set out to find a standing desk that was stylish, functional, built with high quality materials and most importantly, affordable! To his surprise the options were severely limited and a new journey began to develop a beautiful, functional, quality and affordable desk.

Today Topp Essentials is proud to introduce the SkyDesk, the most revolutionary and practical standing desk for the modern working environment.