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Sale Stand up desk facing right. Information callouts with all major features are listed to the side.

Sky Stand Up Desk
Electric, Ergonomic & Fully Adjustable


The definition of elegance in the workplace
The Sky stand up desk was constructed by top minded individuals with a mission to combine the active lifestyle with European design. Every piece of this stand up desk was manufactured to perform and outlast any other desk you have owned. Everything from the cord management cabinets to the finish on the surface of the desk was crafted by the finest materials.
51 in (130 cm)
25 in (65 cm)
MAX HEIGHT 51 in (130 cm)
MINIMUM HEIGHT 25 in (65 cm)
DESKTOP WIDTH 59 in (150 cm)
DESKTOP DEPTH 29.75 in (75.5 cm)
DESKTOP THICKNESS 3.8 in (9.6 cm)
Built from the ground up
This flagship desk is supported by 2 durable powder coated legs, giving you the confidence needed in a stand up desk. While packed with features, this stand up desk also offers a wide range of simplicity and modern stylization. The large working space will give plenty of room for monitors, a computer, keyboard, paperwork and more.
Touch button control
Whiteboard desk surface
Leveling floor gliders
completely enclosed underside
8 AC and 4 USB outlets
Hinged power port doors
Seamless controls allow the desk to go up and down with a simple touch of an arrow. Ample power outlets will charge and run any device you may be operating through the desk. Need to make a quick sketch? Our unique desk top surface is compatible with a whiteboard marker, giving you more tools for creativity and expression through your work station. This premium sit to stand desk will help improve focus, increase productivity and allow you to burn more calories.
Stay tidy & efficient
Every desk is equipped with two cable management boxes. Each box contains four standard US 120v outlets and two USB outlets for easy mobile device charging.
Elevate your workspace
Stand up against the 8 hour stump and reinvigorate your time
boost your energy
Improve your posture
Increase circulation
Optimize productivity
Millions of people find themselves sitting for 13+ hours throughout their day. This lack of movement and dynamic pressure on the body can contribute to ailments, joint pain, fatigue and more. Our bodies thrive when we are in a state of movement and making constant micro-adjustments to our joints. Staying stationary throughout the day prevents gravity from building bone density, inhibits proper circulation through the legs and leads to the shoulders and back rolling forward.

Increasing the amount of time spent up on your feet during the day can contribute to keeping your joints, neck and back healthy as well as improve the circulation throughout your body.

Standing can also help optimize your productivity and focus. Rather than feeling the urge to get up from your desk, simply adjust your stance or position. This can help you stay in the zone and mitigate distractions found in the office or at home.
Range for a custom fit.
The Topp Essentials Elevation Desk features a simple to use digital height adjustment pad that allows you to quickly alternate the height of your desk. Our desk offers a clean elegant design that provides all the functionality you need with a simple touch.
Are you looking to fill an office space?
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